Mestawet Aragaw and Temesgen Afework

The beautiful couples Mestawet Aragaw and Temesgen Afework. Mestawet is known by the popular radio show “Yemaebel Wanategnoch”. Her husband Temesgen was a journalist on FM radio and actor. The couples currently star in Senselet Drama.

Singer Yared Negu

Singer Yared Negu is a young rising star. He is known by his single album called “Yemerkato Arada”.

Lij Micheal (Faf)

Lij Micheal (Faf) is Ethiopian hip hop music singer. He is known by his album “Zare Yehun Nege”. He won Ethio Zoidack’s award (best single music of the year).

Artist Eyob Dawit

Artist Eyob Dawit is a young actor. He made a lot of Ethiopian movies. Yaltasebew, Yarada Lij 1, Yimechish Yarada LIj2, Yabedech Yarada Lij, Blatenw, yehabtam Lij, herol, Yehuda Negn, Atse Mandela, Anfatam, Sakelegn, and Des Sil are among movies Read more ›

Danayit Mekbebe

Danayit Mekbebe is Kana TV host called #time. She was a popular self-made sensation with a huge fan base. When we approached her to be the host of #time, she took the challenge and shook the city

Make up artist Marzel

Make up artist Marzel (Yemariamwork). She is passionate about makeup since her childhood and in the business for almost a decade.

Actress Martha Goytom

   Actress Martha Goytom. Martha acted in movies Seset, Serachelegn, andPuagmie . She is also staring on Welafen drama. Martha Goytom won Gumma’s best suporting actress award.

Zemen drama start Mastewal Wondesen

Actress Mastewal Wondesen is a star of the popular Ethiopian drama TV series Zemen. But do you know she is featured in music videos? In fact, music video is a launching point for her acting roles in TV drama.

Artist Etsehiwot Abebe

Artist Etsehiwot Abebe is mother of two kids. She acted in movies Selayochu, Bermuda, Pendulem, Aratu Shamawoch, Kezkazaw Torenet and ke Eletat. She was a star in a popular TV show called Gemena. Curruntly she star in Dana Drama.